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About us

O Nas Martin with Logo.pngBS Dental is the exclusive distributor of some premium and  specialised dental care products in the Czech Republic and other East European countries. Since 1993 our company has supplied dental products  to the best dental practices, hygienists and implantologists.

We represent Camlog implants who are the market leader in Germany and some other countries and we organise and run educational courses for these people.

Additionally we offer the specialised products which are at the forefront of dental technology including Navigation surgery and biomaterials.

The Prevdent company based in the Netherlands produces unique dental care products based on the use of Nano Hydroxyapatite. This is particularly helpful for tooth sensitivity.  They also produce a teeth bleaching system which is not only effective but also controls the sensitivity issue connected with this procedure.

There are several retail products like toothpaste  which are available to the general public and which can be purchased through our e-shop or directly.

We also offer a range of dental instruments for hygienists and dentists which can also be purchased directly or through the e-shop. These products are from the companies  in Germany and Switzerland like Stoma, Deppeler and Ustomed, who offer high quality instruments at reasonable prices.

We are working with many different clinics and practices and offer them  a fast and reliable service.

We help with the education and training of dental professionals and have managed to maintain  our reputation as a company on whom our customers can rely.



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